Since our inception in 1986, OnlyRajesh has been creating promotional products for some of the most loved brands in the world. We help organizations & brands execute a better, more effective promotional strategy by focusing on design and innovation, thereby delivering incredible experiences to audiences everywhere. We work with clients closely to understand their marketing campaign, product and event needs.

OnlyRajesh provides an end-to-end fulfilment of service, which includes sourcing, customizing, packaging, logistics, warehousing and fulfilment.



We have years of experience in advising clients the right sourcing strategy for highly customised products. We can turn around custom designed products that brands need to develop for marketing or retail use. We also advise companies on the use of materials, design and budgeting.

Our expertise in product packaging has helped luxury brands deliver experiences in a customized way. We consult brands for both retail and gifting products; we can also develop & produce complex packaging for companies.

We have deep experience in managing storage and fulfillment for brands that need their marketing collaterals across different regions. We have also developed a request management system that can be customised to any workflow.

Our strong global product partnerships enable us to have over 15000 hand-picked products for promotional and gifting use. We have the ability to customize these products for brand promotion.