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What is a sitz bath?
A sitz bath is often recommended for people who have irritation to their perineal or bottom area (area between the legs, including the anus, vagina or scrotums).
The skin may be ulcerated, cracked, raw or blistered because of:
• Haemorrhoids                 • Piles                        
• Surgery                             • Fissure 
• Chemotherapy                • Abscess 

• Diarrhoea                        • Fistula 

How does a sitz bath help?
A sitz bath:
Increases blood circulation to the area, helps with    

•  Healing

•  Cleanses
•  Soothes the skin 

Using sitz bath on the toilet
1. Lift the toilet seat and put the plastic sitz bath in the toilet bowl.
2. Fill the sitz bath with two-thirds warm water. The water temperature should be 37° - 39° Celsius. If the water feels too warm, it is too hot to sit in.
3. On Doctors prescription, Add 5 - 15ml of baking soda or 5 - 10ml of salt to the water in the plastic sitz bath. Else use hot water only.
4. Carefully sit down in the plastic sitz bath and soak your bottom area for 10 - 15 minutes. 
5. When finished, dry your bottom by patting the area with a clean cotton towel. Don’t rub or scrub the perineum, as this may cause pain and irritation.
6. Clean the plastic sitz bath each time you use it.

Normal results
Swelling goes down
Discomfort is eased

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